Second Chance Lottery

Second Chance games give you another opportunity from the Michigan Lottery to win great prizes when you lose with your first play. Submit your non-winning tickets and you can earn coupons, drawing entries and much more. There are a variety of online games you can enter, and even a progressive monthly jackpot.

How to Play

Second Chance games are available online if you have a Michigan Lottery account. You can play them for fun, but if you want to win prizes you will need to submit your losing tickets.

The tickets you can submit are from Instant games. A series of Instant games are eligible for each one. Log in to your account and enter the required details, such as the printed code on the back of the ticket. Here's more information about the online games and how they work.


Cashword - Uncover hidden letters to try and complete words in the puzzle. The more words you reveal, the greater your prize, from drawing entries to Second Chance lotteries to coupons for instant games.


Wild Time - Reveal hidden symbols by flipping over tiles. You can turn them over one at a time or do an auto pick. Match three or more winning symbols to get a prize.


Bingo - Go in search of winning patterns on multiple Bingo boards. You might find a line, 4 corners or even an 'X'. You only need to get one pattern to win. Prizes range from one drawing entry to $20 off coupon.

Play Second Chance Games!

Monthly Jackpot

Monthly Jackpot is an online game where you can win prizes of up to $100,000 by matching three adjacent symbols. You can spend between $0.50 and $20 on tickets.

For every $0.50 you wager, you receive one entry into the progressive Second Chance Monthly Jackpot. This prize starts at $5,000 every month and builds up as more players take part, quickly passing the $100,000 top prize that is available on the main game.

Once the entry period is over at the end of each month, the drawing takes place a few days later. One entry is selected at random, netting the lucky player the full progressive jackpot.

The more you play the main game, the better your chances of winning the Second Chance jackpot as you will have more entries in the drawing. However, it only takes one entry to have a chance of winning.